Can watching nature's moving art
make you feel more grateful?

Join this two-week study to find out! ​

Watch short (2-7 min) daily videos produced by award-winning cinematographer Louie Schwartzberg and complete a standard well-being survey to find out if it works for you.

  • Participation is 100% anonymous. All data collection will be self-administered and your identity will remain anonymous.
  • Mobile app is encrypted.
  • Your email address will not be connected to your app account.
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How does it work?

After downloading the Quantified Citizen app, you will be presented with a few public studies. Select “Gratitude Study” You have the option of completing a basic demographic survey (to help with research), which is entirely anonymous and optional. Before you start watching daily videos (2-7 minutes each), you will be asked to complete a well-being survey called (Warwick Edinburgh Mental Well-being Scale – WEMWBS) to establish a baseline. This survey should take about 2 minutes. After this you can start with the first video. All videos need to be watched until the end for them to defined as “complete”. Each day, the app will notify you when a new video is available. Please continue to watch a video everyday for 2 weeks. If you miss a video, that’s ok but it won’t be available to watch the next day. Once the 2 week period is complete, you will be asked once again to complete the well-being survey. Once you have complete the two surveys and watched as many daily videos as you could over the 2-week period, your participation is complete! 30 days later, there’s a third but optional well-being survey to explore if any changes are sustained over time.

Participation is completely anonymous. All data collection will be self-administered and your identity will remain anonymous. You will not be asked to identify your name, email, or date of birth.

The results of this informal study will generate hypotheses for future research around the topic of ‘visual healing’. With your participation, you are contributing to a growing body of innovative citizen-driven health research!

About Louie Schwartzberg

Louie Schwartzberg is an award-winning cinematographer, director and producer whose career spans more than four decades of providing breathtaking imagery using his time-lapse, high-speed and macro cinematography techniques. Louie tells stories that celebrate life and reveal the mysteries and wisdom of nature, people and places.

Louie has been seen on Oprah’s Supersoul Sunday. His TED talks are one of the most viewed of all times and have touched millions of people. He has spoken NASA, Global Spa and Wellness Summit, The Nantucket Project and Bioneers.  

He has won two Clio awards for Best Environmental Public Service Spots. His gorgeous films on nature’s beauty invite us to find the beauty and gratitude in every moment. More info: